Gorgeous harmonies, plenty of energy and imagination”

Dave Stevens Kinderling Kids Radio/High Five Feature

...whenever we get in the car my three year old requests “The T Rex song”! I wasn’t surprised to learn that Campbell is based in Oregon, because the whole album has a PNW (Pacific Northwest) vibe, with its emphasis on ecology and nature, and folksy feel. Campbell has a beautiful voice…. ”

All Done Monkey

If kindie rock musicians were planets, Jessa Campbell would be Mother Earth. The Portland, Ore.-based singer loves hiking through the tranquil forest, pondering life, and basking in the warmth of a summer day. ”


Get ready for a mix of ecology, psychology, and vibeology. ”

Geek Dad

A charming, beautiful celebration. ”

Midwest Book Review

The songs and Jessa’s voice on Can You Feel It are beautiful…the cheery quality and the lyrics all have a wonderful vibe to them. ”

A Nation of Moms